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The Champions League draw was completed and Barcelona was pitted against the English team Manchester City in what is expected to be one of the most exciting and thrilling matches in these next stages of the European tournament.

Luis Enrique believes that Manchester City was one of the toughest opponents that they could have been drawn against and he is well aware of the threat that the Premier Leagueclub represents but Enrique thinks that Barcelona should be able to come out on top with a victory if they play well.

I am sure it’ll be a very hard match” he said. “The important thing in games like these is for us to be in good condition.

If we’re on form, we are good enough to cope with any competition … I always think positively, and I know we are quite capable of getting through the round against Manchester City.”

Manchester City was just barely able to make it into the last 16 remaining teams in the Champions League after surprising victories against Bayern Munich and As.Roma.

The team of Manuel Pellegrini continues being dependent on Sergio Aguero for most of their goals and this is something that Barcelona can capitalize on when they face each other in the Champions League on February.

Barcelona recently sustained a slip in the Spanish League after drawing against Getafe but by the time that the Champions League reignites in February it would be enough time for Luis Enrique and his time to recover from their recent mediocre performance and return to their natural winning ways but Manchester City has a tougher job to do as they have to start finding a way on not depending so much on a single player as this can seriously hamper their chances on winning major titles in this season.

Sergio Aguero is a fantastic player there is no doubt about that, but if he gets injured or has a bad day then Manchester City’s chances of scoring will be very limited. It’s similar to Barcelona with Lionel Messi but the English squad is starting to depend on Aguero just way too much and this is evidenced by the fact that Aguero scored all 3 goals in Manchester City’s victory over Bayern Munich as well as one of the top goal-scorers in the Premier League with many games where he is the only scorer for Manchester City.