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The media always seem to exaggerate things concerning certain clubs and players in the world of football and this is especially true when it comes to C.Ronaldo and Lionel Messi.

A few months ago C.Ronaldo stated that he misses Manchester United and the Premier League club still has an important place in his heart as it was the place where he managed to become a superstar before he went on to join Real Madrid.

When that interview was over, news and reports started spreading around saying that C.Ronaldo could be making his return to the English club which was completely false.

A similar thing is happening with Lionel Messi and Barcelona. The Spanish club was going through difficult problems in the past few weeks and months as they lost against Real Sociedad some time ago and important staff members of the club have been resigning or leaving. This sparked a series of rumors which suggested that Messi was going to leave as well due to him having a negative relationship with the manager which later was rejected by the President Bartomeu.

There was a short period when Lionel Messi was underperforming and did not seem to be performing at his best and this is another one of the reasons on why rumors kept on spreading around claiming that the Argentine was just not happy at Camp Nou.

These reports and rumors have managed to calm down in some way but still exist.

In Barcelona’s latest La Liga match, Messi netted a hat-trick as Barcelona defeated Deportivo La Coruna by a scoreboard of 4-0. Messi was unstoppable in the pitch and this just shows how determined he is on playing and forget about everything else that is going on.

As bad as a relationship as Messi might have with certain members of the club, it’s incredibly difficult to see him leaving the club where he has accomplished everything with. On different occasions Messi has said that he wants to finish his career in Barcelona and this is the most likely thing that is going to happen.