Top Spanish outlet Barcelona have been named as the second best employers in football going by wages they pay to their players.

English Football giant Manchester United are the number one side according to latest reports from the global sports salaries survey. The survey – published by Sporting Intelligence – employs the reported salaries of over 10,000 sportsmen at 333 teams.

Despite struggling with form in the recent years, United sit atop the highest paying clubs in the world. According to the survey, the average United first team player earns in the region of £110,000 per week. This ends in £5.77 million in annual payment to a first team Red Devils star.

The current La Liga champions are second on the list. The average first team player earns £5.65 million, while Manchester City pays an average player £5.40 million.

The amount splashed on Paul Pogba and Zlatan Ibrahimovic ensured United leapfrogged to first position compared to their standings on the list last year. In addition, following the fall of the Pound following Brexit, American sports sides rank higher than most elite English clubs. However, Chelsea, Arsenal and Liverpool managed to make the top 60.

Overall, the as it offers players the highest average weekly wage at £48,766. With the increase in revenue from television deals, that figure is expected to climb next year bar any major change. German champions Bayern Munich top the survey results in Germany while Serie A champions Juventus top Italy’s. China is a major force with clubs offering some of the most lucrative deals to players.

Real Madrid’s Cristiano Ronaldo remains the highest paid football player with his £365,000 weekly wage. Considering all sports, Basketball top with NBA’s Cleveland Cavaliers paying out £6.9 million to an average player, then Baseball’s New York Yankees and Basketball’s LA Clippers make the top three ahead of United who are in fourth place.