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Barcelona’s Gerardo Martino has not enjoyed the best of debut seasons after the Catalan crashed out of the Champions League and Copa del Rey. There already are rumors of him leaving Barcelona when the season finishes and Luis Enrique taking over the club during the summer.

Barcelona still has a chance of winning the Spanish league title but this will only happen if they are able of securing a victory against Athletic Madrid on the last match of the season.

Gerardo Martino is well aware that the club has already made contacts and held meetings with Luis Enrique but Martino remains proud of the work he has accomplished with Barcelona and everything else is secondary.

“The club has done nothing wrong. At least not in my eyes, I won’t necessarily be happy with my work even if we do win the league title. There’s no result that will change my future. I’m very proud to coach Barcelona. It’s a huge job.”
“It has been a difficult season, with many problems off the pitch. We have tried to get over them with football and we were alive in the title race. It was a poor season wasn’t what we expected. There was the chance of not reaching the goals, but not due to our own mistakes’’. Martino said.
If indeed Martino does get sacked at the end of the season, Malaga is a likely destination for the Argentine manager as Malaga is interested in turning him into their head coach and some time ago, Martino was on the verge of joining the club but ultimately he decided on settling with Barcelona.