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Barcelona’s election is scheduled to take place on July 16 and the former president of the Spanish club Joan Laporta announced his intention to make a return and take charge of Barcelona just how he used to starting from 2003 until 2010.
Joan Laporta says that he is now more experienced and prepared than ever before.

Former president, Laporta said: “I feel more prepared than ever to preside over the club. I have more experience. I have my faults, most of you already know about them, but I have kept the same principles and those principles are those same ones that belong to the idea of ‘Mesque un club.’ those of JohanCruyff, La Masia, Catalonia and of UNICEF.”

There are 6 candidates that desire to be selected as the new president of the Spanish club including: Toni Freixa, AgustiBenedito, JordiFarre, JordiMajo, JosepBartomeu and Joan Laporta.

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A few days ago there was a Barcelona poll which was made in MARCA.com where readers could vote as to which president they would like to see taking charge of the Spanish club and Joan Laporta emerged as the clear favorite as he received 54% of the votes and JosepBartomeu came in 2nd place as he received 23% of the votes.

Bartomeu wants to continue being the president of Barcelona and he has urged the public of voting for him as he still has a lot of more things planned for the club. Barcelona won the treble in this past season but Bartomeu is aiming to accomplish much more things if he remains in his current presidential role.