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Fortunately for the supporters of Birmingham City, Gary Rowett announced his desire to stay with the Football League Championship club on a long term basis and this is excellent news for everyone who wants to see the English outfit excel with positive results.

When Gary Rowett took control of Birmingham City on October 27 of 2015 and he has guided the club from the bottom of the League Championship to the top spots of the league and are in a comfortable position of snatching a playoff position with a possibility of getting promoted to the Premier League.

So far, it’s been a very impressive campaign for Rowett in St.Andrew’s. who has gained the support and trust of the fanatics of Birmingham City. There were rumors going around claiming that Gary Rowett was going to join a number of different clubs some of these were: Fulham and Queens Park Rangers but all of these rumors were shut down when the director of Birmingham City confirmed it as Panos Pavlakis said: “Fans can rest assured that everyone at the club is together as one, striving for further improvement and success with Gary at the helm as manager.”

When this announcement was officially made to the public, fans of the club voiced their happiness through social media as they said that this was a huge relief and Gary Rowett truly deserves to have his contract extended. Making a club go from the bottom spots of a league into the higher section and have a chance of competing in the Premier League and this was accomplished in a relatively short period of time.

Even if Birmingham City does not manage to make that final push and enter as well as stay in the highly coveted play off zone, Gary Rowett has earned his stay with the club.